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Differences Between Wisconsin Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and CBRFs

The State of Wisconsin regulates all of types of facilities that provide care to adults throughout the state and is responsible for making sure that they comply with the law. A nursing home provides its residents with 24-hour supervision and nursing care to physical or mental disability, as well as room and board. Five or more unrelated persons over the age of 18 may reside in nursing homes.

Assisted living facilities offer individuals some level of care monitoring services, but do not offer 24-hour nursing care. There are different kinds of assisted living facilities, including Community-Based Residential Facilities, which will be discussed in more detail below. Other types of Assisted Living Facilities are Adult Day Care (ADC), Adult Family Homes (AFH), and Residential Care Apartment Complexes (RCAC). While ADC offers daily supervision for older or disabled adults while their normal caregivers are at work or need relief, AFH provides residential care, treatment, and services for certain individuals who need more than just room and board, and may need up to seven hours per week of nursing care.

Community-Based Residential Facilities, or CBRFs, are places in which five or more unrelated individuals live together in a community setting. These individuals also are not related in any way to the owner or administrator of the CBRF; CBRFs are a type of assisted living. The services that CBRFs provide to their residents include room and board, support services, general supervision, and may include up to three hours per week of nursing care. Essentially, anyone residing in a CBRF must not have more than an intermediate level of nursing care. A CBRF may house anywhere from five to 257 people, and all of its residents must be over the age of 18.

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