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What is Wisconsin Adult Protective Services?

In the state of Wisconsin, the purpose of Adult Protective Services is to help older adults when they have suffered abuse, neglect, or exploitation. In many cases, the individuals who benefit from Adult Protective Services are those who are developmentally disabled, suffer from a degenerative brain disorder, are seriously mentally ill, or have another type of incapacity. The goal of Adult Protective Services always is to keep these adults safe from abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation, prevent deterioration, and stop the adults from hurting themselves or others.

In general, Adult Protective Services may refer to a county agency who has been assigned the duty of protecting adults in that particular county or geographical area. Adult Protective Services are legally authorized to provide the following types of services for the residents that they serve:

  • Conducting outreach and education
  • Identifying adults at risk
  • Counseling and referral for services
  • Coordinating all necessary services
  • Tracking at-risk adults and conducting follow-ups
  • Performing social services and case management
  • Offering legal counseling or referrals, particularly for guardianship
  • Conducting diagnostic evaluations

Adult Protective Services attempt to address all different types of abuse, including physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, unreasonable confinement or restraints, and treatment without consent. Neglect, whether it be self-neglect or neglect by a caregiver or facility, also is a focus of Adult Protective Services.

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