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What Level of Care Is an In-Home Health Care Provider Required to Provide?

There are different levels of care that in-home care providers will offer individuals, depending on what level of licensing they receive from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Each level of care has different requirements that the agency or organization must meet in order to provide certain types of services for individuals.

For instance, a personal care agency provides medically oriented activities to assist individuals with the daily living activities that are necessary to allowing them to remain in their communities. Those activities are provided upon the written orders of a physician by a certified personal care provider, who employs or contracts with a personal care worker. The provider also must be supervised by a registered nurse in accordance with a written plan of care. A personal care agency can be a home health agency, a county department, an independent living center, or a free-standing personal care agency.

On the other hand, home health agencies provide skilled nursing care and other therapeutic services, such as physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. These agencies must be licensed by the state of Wisconsin, as well as certified by Medicaid and Medicare. In order to get licensed, the agency must demonstration compliance with various rules, regulations, and standards, as set forth by the state. Part of the licensure process involves caregiver background checks, as well as other proof that the agency is fit and qualified to provide the services that it wishes to provide.

‘When an elderly individual suffers injuries or even death as a result of being neglected or abused by nursing home staff or home health care providers, you may have legal grounds for a lawsuit against the staff members and facility or agency that failed to do their jobs. If you or a loved one is in this situation, you should definitely contact an experienced Wisconsin elder abuse attorney at Boller & Vaughn today. We know how to protect your rights and potentially get compensation for any injuries that occurred. Nursing homes and home health care providers have a duty to protect the patients for whom they are caring. When caregivers fail to meet that duty, it is up to you to hold negligent Wisconsin healthcare providers responsible for their actions. Call Boller & Vaughan today and see what assistance we can offer you and your family.