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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Serving Wisconsin

For motorcycle riders, there’s no better rush than hitting the road with two wheels beneath you. As with any motor vehicle, there’s always a risk when driving.

However, motorcyclists are at an even greater risk of injury or fatality — 27 times more risk, in fact. It also seems that the number of motorcycle accidents keeps climbing. In Wisconsin, there were 2,285 motorcycle crashes in 2017, with 175 happening in Dane County alone.

Knowing how to stay safe on the road is vital for motorcycle riders. It’s equally important to know your options should you ever be in a motorcycle accident. That’s why our skilled motorcycle accident lawyers are sharing factors that affect your claim and what you should do following a motorcycle accident.

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What to do after a motorcycle accident in Wisconsin

Because of the complexity of motorcycle law and the inherent prejudice associated with motorcycles, the actions you take after a motorcycle accident are so important.

The first step following a motorcycle accident is to seek medical attention, even if you believe you’ve only suffered minor injuries. This information will be important in helping you receive compensation.

In addition to your initial medical bills, you’ll need to keep a record of:

  • Damage to your bike and/or other property and the scene of the accident   
  • Eyewitness statements and police reports  
  • All medical bills   
  • Insurance statements Wages lost due to injuries    
  • Expenses you’re unable to pay as a result of lost wages or costs brought on by the accident

The bottom line is this: to file a strong motorcycle accident claim, you’ll need to record the accident, keep paperwork properly documented, and be thorough with the details of the damage and/or injury. 

This will ultimately boost your odds of receiving compensation if you decide to file a lawsuit. This can be difficult if you’ve been severely injured in a motorcycle accident, which is why many victims contact a motorcycle accident attorney immediately.

We live in Friendship, Wisconsin, and Boller & Vaughan came to our doorstep to discuss our mother’s wrongful death claim on a Saturday morning. Not only were we pleased with the large recovery, we were so thankful to have lawyers who were willing to explain to us every twist and turn along the way. It is great to know there is a law firm that will fight for the rights of elderly people all over Wisconsin.

Joni Peitrowski

Mr. Boller and Ms. Vaughan were incredible in working on my case and my daughter’s case. I was out of work and in the hospital with a new baby. Mr. Boller and Ms. Vaughan protected our rights and it was a pleasure to work with them. I hope never to be in another motor vehicle accident, however, if I am and I am injured, I will contact Boller & Vaughan immediately.

Aimee McCann

I was referred to Michelle through a friend. I have never had a better experience. It took a little over a year to get my settlement but the staff there stayed in constant contact and kept me in the loop. Oh, and Michelle actually got me MORE money than we discussed. I will refer anyone to this firm. Words cannot do justice the thanks that I have for Michelle and her staff (Mary especially) thank you guys so much!

Ryan M.

After my husband died as a result of a motor vehicle accident, Boller & Vaughan spent countless hours talking with me, meeting with me in person, and making sure that I was okay. The drunk driver who hit us did not have any insurance, and we had to make a claim through our own insurance. Boller & Vaughan was fantastic at explaining the law to me and the handling of our claims.

Phyllis Priem

After my son was injured in a daycare setting, Ms. Vaughan took the time to thoroughly investigate our case and my son’s injuries. Michele was approachable and had answers to our questions. Talking with her helped to relieve many of our anxieties.

A. Graves

Factors affecting your motorcycle accident claim

Another factor to consider with a motorcycle accident: they are inherently different from car accidents in the eyes of the law. A car accident claim is often a report on the cause of the crash and the damages accrued. But a motorcycle accident has a number of other factors to consider, including:

  • The exact cause of the crash
  • Severity of your injuries
  • Lack of protective gear, like wearing a helmet
  • Motorcycle or equipment flaws
  • Value of your bike (including any and all upgrades you’ve purchased and installed)
  • Reliable witnesses

All of the above can impact who the claim is filed against, whose insurance company is liable, and the amount of damages awarded. However, the ins and outs of Wisconsin’s motorcycle laws can be confusing. Insurance companies may not offer rightful compensation despite thorough reporting for your claim. 

Insurance companies may deny claims for compensation without fairly evaluating the circumstances of a motorcycle accident, and may even exhibit some prejudice against the motorcyclist.

In these instances, even a detailed claim may not result in the compensation you’re owed. Contacting our injury lawyers immediately after a motorcycle accident can help you navigate the confusing legal waters of motorcycle accident claims. We can also help with insurance companies that denied your claim or didn’t offer fair restitution for your damages.

An experienced Madison motorcycle accident lawyer can help you or a loved one recover damages for:

  • Current/future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning ability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damage
  • Wrongful death

A motorcycle accident attorney can help you collect details and evidence for your claim so that you don’t have to in this stressful situation.

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Filing a claim after a motorcycle accident or knowing where to start can be extremely time-consuming and raise a lot of questions. That’s why you should work with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who can navigate the aftermath of your accident.

With over 40 years’ experience, the injury lawyers at Boller & Vaughan have helped thousands of victims throughout Wisconsin settle their claims. From Madison to Milwaukee and Green Bay to Appleton, we have you covered.

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