Be Aware of Motorcycles as Summer Weather Arrives

After the snow, ice, and cold weather of winter, motorcyclists can’t wait to get on the roads when summer weather hits. Given this guaranteed increase of motorcycles on Wisconsin roadways at this time of year, both motorcyclists and drivers of other vehicles should take time to review some basic safety tips. Following these tips can make the roads safer for everyone involved.

Motorcyclists should consider taking a motorcycle safety class, even if they are veteran riders. Being reminded of basic safety rules and strategies can make you a better and safer motorcyclist. Wearing a DOT-approved helmet, fastened properly, at all times, is one the best ways for motorcyclists to protect themselves, as well as by requiring their passengers to wear helmets. Tune up your bike before summer and make sure that it is in good working order. Wearing brightly-colored clothing also can make you more visible on the roadways. You should communicate with other drivers and motorcyclists by using hand gestures and turn signals as needed. Be aware of your fellow drivers and motorcyclists, in addition to any conditions on the roads that might be hazardous for a motorcycle or vehicle.

Drivers of cars, trucks, and other vehicles should abide by certain safety rules, as well. They should give motorcycles plenty of room by not following too closely, allowing extra space when passing, and signaling turns well before you make them. Drivers may not spot motorcycles as clearly or easily as other vehicles, simply because they are much smaller in size. Therefore, drivers should double-check their mirrors and be sure to check any blind spots by looking over your shoulder before changing lanes or turning.

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