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Elder Abuse and Prevention Act May Become Law in 2017

According to Financial Advisor’s recent article by Ted Knutson, the Elder Abuse and Prevention Act has a good chance of becoming a law in 2017. The key sponsor of this bill is Chuck Grassley, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, who fully believes that the law will pass in the near future. One reason that Grassley gave for the bill’s likelihood of passing was the fact that a very similar version was very close to passing last year, but Congress simply ran out of time during that legislative session. Susan Collins, Aging Committee Chair, is co-sponsoring this legislation with Grassley. The bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in February, 2017; the goal is for the bill to come before the full Senate for a vote before the end of the legislative session.

The Elder Abuse and Prevention Act is designed to make society a safer place for seniors. The bill targets senior financial exploitation and abuse by increasing penalties for telemarketing and email marketing fraud against seniors. Likewise, the bill would provide that at least one Justice Department attorney in each federal judicial district would focus his or her efforts on prosecuting elder fraud. The bill also would require that multiple parties maintain much more detailed and expansive data relating to elder abuse, with the goal of making prosecutions of elder abuse a much more common occurrence. The Justice Department also would initiate more training for state and local governments dealing with elder abuse and fraud.

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