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Woman Who Wandered Outside WI Nursing Home Found Dead

An 88-year-old woman was found dead earlier this year near the Rice Lake Convalescent Center after apparently wandering outside the facility in the middle of the night. Rice Lake is an 85-bed private for-profit facility. The woman was outside a door to the building and apparently had been outside the building for at a least a few hours. Multiple employees reported that they had seen the woman wandering the hallways of the center in the past. Facility representatives declined to comment on the woman’s mental status or the reasons for her residence in the facility.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health, a nursing home houses five or more persons unrelated to the operator or administrator. These individuals receive care and treatment at the home, but because of their physical or mental condition, need access to some level of 24-hour nursing services. All too often, understaffed, underfunded, and overcrowded nursing homes cause residents to go neglected and untreated. This so-called “passive” neglect occurs when any type of caregiver fails to provide an older individual with the necessities of life, including food, water, clothing, or shelter.

Older Americans with dementia often end up experiencing abuse and neglect, usually at the hands of their caregivers. Family members and friends with elderly loved ones who are dependent on home health care providers or assisted living facility care, or nursing home care, should be aware of the signs of potential neglect and abuse. Some common signs of neglect include bedsores that never heal, unexplained bruising and other injuries, poor hygiene, missed doctor appointments, unusual weight loss, lack of appetite, and depression.

The nursing home abuse lawyers of Boller & Vaughan pride themselves on advocating on behalf of clients who suffer injuries at the hands of their caregivers, no matter whether those injuries from result from abuse or neglect in a nursing home or in any type of long-term care facility. We can seek compensation for you through the legal system, while you and your family can concentrate on healing, recovering from any trauma that you might have experienced, and moving on with your life. Don’t hesitate to call our office today and learn how we can help.