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Watch Out for Farm Vehicles and Machinery on Wisconsin Roads

Summer is upon us, which means that more and more tractors and farm implements will be crowding Wisconsin roadways. Farmers have an important job that requires the use of heavy machinery. Drivers need to respect machinery on the roadways, such as farmers need to respect other drivers.

Over the past five years in Wisconsin, crashes involving agricultural vehicles have resulted in death for 16 people and injuries for another 517 people. Drivers must stay alert for farm machinery and vehicles, particularly on rural roadways. When a driver sees a fluorescent orange triangle or other sign of a slow-moving vehicle, he or she should immediately slow down. A driver also should take extreme care when attempting to pass a farm vehicle, as it tends to take up more of the roadway than a normal vehicle. Also, keep in mind that Wisconsin law prohibits passing an agricultural vehicle in a no-passing zone; a driver only may pass in a legally valid passing zone.

As agricultural vehicles and machinery tend to be wide, heavy, and slow-moving, Wisconsin drivers should take special care when approaching these vehicles, either from behind or head-on. When driving behind a farm vehicle, you follow at a distance that allows you to stop suddenly if need be. Farm vehicles and machinery also move far more slowly than other vehicles, which may cause other drivers to approach the vehicles more quickly than anticipated, also creating the need for a sudden stop.

Drivers of agricultural vehicles and machinery also should be aware of the rules and regulations that govern their vehicles, such as lighting and marking requirements that indicate their shape, size, and speed. There are specific requirements for different types of vehicles, so farmers need to be aware of the requirements.

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