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Study Shows Quality of Life Improves After Move to Assisted Living

An article published in HomeCare late last year profiles A Place for Mom, which is the largest referral service for senior living in the United States. This service provider recently released data showing that 73% of families indicate that the quality of life of their senior loved one improved after he or she moved to an assisted living facility. This data shows that despite how difficult it may be to move a loved one out of his or her home, it actually turns out to be beneficial in most cases.

Before moving from their homes, 62% of seniors said that they would rather remain in their homes. Nonetheless, after a move to assisted living, the families of these seniors reported that not only did their loved ones’ social and emotional wellbeing improve, but there were improvements in their loved ones’ nutrition and physical health. The move to assisted living also benefits caregivers; 60% of caregivers experienced improvements in their quality of life and 70% of them experienced an insignificant financial impact following the move of their loved one to an assisted living facility. These statistics show that contrary to popular belief, staying at home as a senior citizen is not always what is best for everyone involved.

Furthermore, about 85% of families caring for a loved one in later life put off their search for alternative senior housing because their loved one doesn’t want to move or fears that he or she will receive substandard care. Half of these families have a negative perception of assisted living facilities, particularly when they are in the initial stages of searching for an appropriate facility for their loved one. Despite the misgivings of the family and their loved one, the outcome following a move to assisted living is generally a positive one.

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