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Toy Recalls

Toy Recalls

It’s officially December and that means ‘tis the season for gift giving. If you’re one of those very organized people, you may have already started your holiday shopping, or even be done already. Some of us, however, are just getting started making lists and researching the best gifts to give our loved ones this year.

Purchasing gifts for adults is one thing; most are happy receiving clothes, gift cards, tools, or similarly useful household items. Buying gifts for kids though, is a different story entirely. Oftentimes their requests can be very specific or include toys that are difficult to find due to their popularity. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles everywhere find themselves frantically traversing cities, visiting multiple stores in the hope of finding the gift that will make this holiday the “best one ever.”

As you’re getting ready to start your holiday shopping, remember that each year there are a huge number of products, foods, and toys that are recalled for various reasons. Whether you’ve already started making your holiday purchases or not, it’s a good idea to be aware of any recent product recalls, especially when buying gifts for babies and children. To help you out this season, we’ve pulled together a few of 2015’s biggest recalled children’s items and toys to stay away from (or return if already purchased).

Major 2015 Toy Recalls

  • Build-A-Bear Starbrights Dragon: Over 33,000 of these stuffed dragons were recalled in October due to a design flaw that allowed the satin seam to open. Though no injuries were reported, Build-A-Bear recalled the item because the stuffing material posed a potential choking hazard for children. Recalled products will feature the numbers 9333 or 9334 on the tag sown on the back of the toy’s leg and can be returned directly to Build-A-Bear for a store coupon.
  • Burley Design Child Bicycle Trailers: Almost 35,000 trailers across the U.S. and Canada were recalled because the plastic tow bar receivers can separate from the tow bar, causing the trailer to become unhitched from the bicycle while moving. Burley has received 35 reports reports of this occurring, two of which resulted in children being injured. If you own one of these trailers, contact Burley directly for a 20% off coupon and a free safety strap kit that includes instructions for fixing the malfunctioning tow bar.
  • Rainbow Play Systems Trapeze Rings: This recall only affects the yellow, plastic trapeze rings made by the Nylacarb Corporation and sold as an accessory or part of the entire Rainbow Play System. Over 100 cases of these yellow rings cracking and breaking have been reported, resulting in 15 reports of bumps, bruises, cuts, and one broken finger. Consumers should contact Rainbow for removal instructions and a $10 gift card.
  • Land of Nod Sheep Mobile: The string used in this crib mobile has the potential to unravel, which has the potential to strangle or choke a small child. Three incidents of the yarn unraveling have been reported, but no injuries have occurred. Owners of the product can contact Land of Nod for a full refund, and should discontinue use of the mobile immediately.
  • Safety 1st Décor Wood Highchair: Sold in many major retail stores, Safety 1st’s Décor Wood Highchair has a crucial flaw that makes it possible for the child to remove the tray and potentially fall out of the chair. Of the 68 reports filed, 11 have involved injuries including cuts, bruises, and chipped teeth. If you or a loved one own this highchair, stop using it immediately. Email or call Safety 1st at 877-717-7823 to receive a new tray.
  • Bueno by Contigo Kids Straw Tumblers: Primarily sold at Target, these cute tumblers feature a plastic straw that can break when chewed on. The recall affects 8 different tumbler designs, though, as of yet, no injuries have been reported. Users should throw away the straw and contact the parent company, Ignite USA LLC, for a full refund.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your safety or the safety of others when making a purchase, let alone when buying a children’s toy. Nonetheless, kid’s toys and product recalls are fairly common, with about 42% of all recalls between 2006 and 2011 being for children’s products ( As noted, the products above are only a small sample of the recalls issued in 2015. The Consumer Product Safety Commission provides a full listing of all product recalls occurring in the United States.

We hope that you’ll find this article useful when making your holiday shopping list this year. From everyone at Boller & Vaughan, we wish you and your family Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings!