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Icy Road Driving Tips

As winter sets in the roads in Wisconsin will become more icy and dangerous. It is important to be as safe as possibly while driving this winter. Here are a few great driving tips for those icy roads!

Icy Road Driving Tips:

  • Invest in Winter Tires
  • Don’t Use Cruise Control
  • Take it Easy on the Brakes
  • If You Start to Slide or Skid, Do NOT Brake
  • Keep an Eye Out for Black Ice
  • Double Your Following Distance
  • Use Low Beams for Better Road Visibility
  • Avoid Stopping While Traveling Uphill
  • Take it Easy There, Hoss!

Regardless of how prepared and caution people try to be, accidents do still happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident due to someone’s negligence, or icy roads, call the attorneys at Boller & Vaughan. They have been protecting the rights of injured people throughout Wisconsin, call (608) 268-0268 today for a free consultation!