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How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Get Paid?

All too often, individuals hesitate to contact an attorney for any reason, out of fear of being unable to pay high fees that are simply beyond their financial means. Some people figure that since they can’t afford to pay several thousand dollars up front as a retainer, then they won’t be able to get assistance from a lawyer. Personal injury cases, however, are different. Most attorneys, including the Madison personal injury lawyers of Boller & Vaughan, take personal injury cases on a contingency basis. Simply put, this means that if you don’t get paid for your personal injury claim, then we don’t get paid attorney’s fees, either.

A contingency fee agreement typically does not require you to pay any attorney’s fees up front in order for the law firm to take on representation of you in your personal injury claim. Rather, a Wisconsin personal injury attorney will agree to represent you in exchange for a certain percentage of the compensation that you receive from your personal injury claim, whether it is through a settlement or a court trial. Therefore, if you do not recover any monetary damages on your claim, your attorney will not receive any attorney’s fees, and you will never have to pay any attorney’s fees.

You should be aware, however, from the beginning of your case, that there are some fees and costs associated with a personal injury case that you may have to pay. However, these costs are relatively low. Some examples of these types of fees are the filing fee that a court charges in order for you to file a personal injury lawsuit (or any other type of lawsuit) and costs from a hospital or medical provider in order to get copies of your medical records that relate to your injuries.

The personal injury lawyers of Boller & Vaughan pride themselves on advocating on behalf of clients who have been injured in some way. We seek compensation for you through the legal claim process, while you and your family can concentrate on healing from your injuries, recovering from any trauma that you might have experienced, and moving on with your life. Don’t hesitate to call our office today and learn how we can help.