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How Your Personal Injury Attorney Will Investigate Your Truck Accident Case

Trucking accidents are similar to any motor vehicle accidents in some respects, but they also can be much more complex in some ways. Every truck driver and his or her employer must follow both state and federal trucking safety regulations and laws. One of the most critical aspects of a trucking accident investigation involves determining whether the driver and the employer followed these regulations. If the driver and/or employer failed to meet the requirements of these regulations, then there may be a strong case of negligence that led to the injuries resulting from the crash.

First, your personal injury attorney will take a look at the driver’s traffic history for any past incidents of disregarding traffic safety regulations or truck driver negligence. The attorney also will look into the employer’s history of compliance with safety rules and regulations. If an employer or driver regularly violated these rules, it can be used as evidence to support your personal injury claim.

Next, truck drivers must keep detailed logbooks that show all of their stops, cargo picked up and delivered, time spent sleeping, fuel receipts, weigh station receipts, and any other aspects of their trucking route. A driver’s logbook can reveal important details about the driver’s actions prior to the accident. Additionally, your personal injury attorney physically will look the official accident report, but also at the truck involved in the accident before it is repaired, in order to ensure that any necessary evidence is preserved.

Most trucks contain a so-called “black box,” which records important information about the driver’s travels. For instance, the black box can reveal information about how fast the truck was going near the time of the accident, when and whether the brakes were activated, and the force with which the brakes were activated. This information can give the attorney crucial information about the crash.

Whether the death of your loved one results from a drugged driving crash, drunk driving accident, or an incident caused by another type of wrongful behavior by a truck or vehicle driver, the Madison personal injury lawyers of Boller & Vaughan know how to effectively represent your interests. We will determine whether a personal injury claim is available to you, and help you choose the best course of action for you and your family to get compensation for your losses. Contact our office today and get a better understanding about how our attorneys can help ensure that you obtain the maximum compensation that is possible in your case.