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The Long-Term Consequences of Whiplash Syndrome

A new Danish study presented to the European Academy of Neurology, as recently reported in Science Daily, shows that there is a more effective way to predict the long-term consequences of whiplash syndrome, i.e. subdividing the affected individuals into different risk groups following their accidents. This classification into risk groups occurred as a result of a physical examination no more than four days following the accident, and was based on the type and nature of the pain, the type and number of non-painful complaints, and neck mobility. The risk group in which researchers placed the individual had a direct correlation to the individual’s ability to work a year following the accident. Those in the lowest risk group had the lowest percentage of individuals who were unable to work, and vice versa. For instance, the percentage of individuals in the highest risk group who were unable to work was twice as high as those in the lowest risk group.

Researchers conducted a questionnaire of 326 individuals who had been involved in an accident and sustained whiplash injuries 12 to 14 years in the past. The questionnaire involved the incidence of ongoing pain, prescribed medication, non-medical treatment, and sick leaves resulting from the injuries. As it turns out, the people who had been assigned to the highest risk groups following their accidents continued to suffer more substantially than others. These individuals suffered from more neck, head, shoulder, arm, and lower back pain, as well as from more non-painful neurologic symptoms. They also required more pain medication, ranging from mild analgesics to strong opioids, and suffered more post-traumatic stress symptoms.

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