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Nursing Home Employee Accused of Cyberbullying Alzheimer’s Patient

ABC News recently reported on the criminal charges that authorities have filed against one nursing home employee who is accused of verbally abusing a patient with Alzheimer’s Disease by using Snapchat. Authorities charged the woman with being a peeping tom after she and another employee were caught posting a video on Snapchat of their verbal abuse of an 82-year-old woman and resident of the facility.

Following the incident, the facility reportedly fired the employees and, after checking the residents for any signs of physical abuse, found that no such abuse occurred. The employees told law enforcement officers that they were just being “funny.” The patients involved allegedly cannot remember the incident due to their physical and mental health conditions.

Civil lawsuits also have arisen from this and other similar incidents at the nursing home in question. One such suit seeks to hold the home liable for the allegedly wrongful death of the woman in the incident above. In their suit, the woman’s family claims that the Snapchat video led her to develop a debilitating ulcer that caused her a permanent decline in health. The suit also contains a claim that the nursing home failed to establish and maintain an effective infection control system in the home. Another suit regarding a different patient claims that the home is guilty of negligence and fraud for failing to adequately care for the patient, as a staff member attempted to videotape the woman while partially clothed and then uploaded the resulting video to Snapchat.

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