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Motorcyclist Seriously Injured in Fitchburg Crash

Fitchburg law enforcement officers reported that a motorcyclist suffered serious injuries in a crash that occurred last month. While this crash involved only a single motorcycle, motorcycle accidents involving other motor vehicles continue to occur across Wisconsin and the nation, especially during the warmer summer months.

All too often, motorcyclists become the sudden victims of traffic accidents, for a variety of reasons. Other drivers, and particularly those of large trucks or other motor vehicles, often fail to see motorcycles in their blind spots or fail to allow them sufficient room on the roadway. Motorists who do not obey speed limits and make dangerous traffic maneuvers also are a common cause of motorcycle accidents.

The reality is that a motorcycle is no match for a motor vehicle, even if the vehicle is a relatively small car. While the driver of a motor vehicle is surrounded by a steel frame, a motorcyclist has no barrier between him and the road or another vehicle. Likewise, motor vehicles have safety features that motorcycles are not equipped to have. Most notably, seatbelts and airbags are wholly absent from motorcycles, simply because the vehicle is too small to have them. While some protective gear is available for motorcyclists, such as helmets, boots, and protective clothing, those items cannot live up to the standard of protection that seatbelts provide. Ironically enough, while seatbelts are mandatory under Wisconsin law, motorcycle helmets are not. As a result, many riders go without helmets or any protective gear at all, especially in warm weather.

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