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When Your Loved One Suffers From Dehydration

While most of us take the ability to get up and get a drink whenever we’re thirsty for granted, the reality is that for many nursing home residents, having limited mobility or being bedridden can make this simple task impossible. As a result, it is up to nursing home staff members to ensure that each and every resident is getting sufficient fluids and nutrition throughout each day. If regular hydration does not occur, then residents are at risk for dehydration.

Dehydration occurs when an individual has suffered an excessive loss of bodily fluid, such that he or she loses more than three percent of his or her body weight in a very short period of time. This can result from a lack of hydration, illness, or the side effects of some medications. In the case of an elderly person, it can be physiological changes due to aging that also can contribute to dehydration.

In many cases, low staffing levels or the inattention of staff can easily lead to dehydration and a host of other medical problems for elderly residents who already may be vulnerable to illness and infection. When a resident is unable to maintain his or her own hydration, he or she has no choice but to rely on nursing home staff for help. If staff is negligent in paying attention to the residents’ needs, then any resident who is injured as a result of dehydration or any other consequence of neglect may have a valid legal claim for damages.

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