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Understaffing in Wisconsin Nursing Homes Leads to Neglect

Wisconsin law does set forth a specific number of hours of care that a nursing home should provide each day for residents needing skilled nursing care. Additionally, a portion of that nursing care each day must be provided by a RN or LPN. All too often, Wisconsin nursing homes fail to live up to the plans of care that they are required to create for all residents, simply due to understaffing. When proper staffing does not occur, residents can suffer from a lack of feeding, a lack of appropriate medication, and a lack of sufficient fluids. Furthermore, allowing a resident to go without basic hygiene and left in bed for the majority of the day can rapidly lead to infection, illness, and bedsores.

According to the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, understaffing leads directly to nursing home neglect and abuse. Furthermore, over half of the nation’s nursing homes do not maintain the suggested minimum staffing levels for nurse’s aides. These employees tend to be underpaid and overworked, which leads to a high turnover rate, yet they are responsible for the majority of a resident’s hygiene, despite their lack of skills and training. Nursing homes also tend to be understaffed with more skilled employees, such as RNs, which leads to a lack of supervision for nurses’ aides and skilled care for residents. When residents do not receive the appropriate care in terms of hygiene, feeding, and hydration, serious medical conditions can occur.

Individuals who suffer injuries due to understaffing in nursing homes may have valid legal claims for damages stemming from their injuries. At Boller & Vaughan, we know how to stand up for the rights of those who have been injured at the hands of those who are supposed to be taking care of them. Call us today at (608) 268-0268, schedule an appointment with one of our Wisconsin nursing home abuse attorneys, and learn how we can assist you.