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How Do I Find the Best Accident Attorney Near Me?

When you need help recovering from a serious accident in Wisconsin, it is important to have an experienced accident attorney on your side. But, how do you choose the best attorney to represent you?

If you find yourself asking, “How do I find the best accident attorney near me?” you are not alone. Serious accidents are common—far more common than the headlines suggest. While news outlets occasionally cover 18-wheeler accidents and other serious accidents in the Madison area, most victims’ stories go untold.

If you are looking for an accident attorney, you have already taken the first step toward protecting your legal rights. Here are some tips for making an informed decision about your legal representation:

Tip #1: Keep in Mind That No Accident Attorney Can Claim to Be the “Best”

While you may be looking for the best accident attorney near you, it is important to understand that no attorney can claim to be the “best” at what he or she does. This is prohibited under Wisconsin’s Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys. The Rules of Professional Conduct do not allow attorneys claims that they can’t prove, and there is no way to prove that an attorney is the “best” helping accident victims recover just compensation.

With this in mind, if you find an accident attorney who claims to be the “best,” this probably isn’t the best attorney for you. You want an attorney who will uphold his or her professional responsibilities, and the prohibition against claiming to be the “best” is a well-known rule that all attorneys should follow.

Tip #2:  Read the Attorney’s Client Testimonials 

Attorneys who have a strong track record and a good reputation will let their clients speak for themselves. Many law firms post client testimonials online, and reading client testimonials is a good way to learn what you can expect if you choose a particular accident attorney to represent you.

Tip #3: Review the Attorney’s Case Results 

Some law firms post their case results online as well. When reviewing case results, it is important to keep in mind that each case is unique, and past results do not guarantee future success. In fact, there is no guarantee that an attorney will be able to help you recover any financial compensation for your accident-related injuries. But, if an attorney has a long track record of success, this at least indicates that he or she is capable of helping accident victims recover just compensation.

Tip #4: Look for an Attorney Whose Case Results Include Settlements and Judgments

As an accident victim, the best-case scenario is that your attorney will be able to help you quickly secure a favorable settlement. However, it is also very possible that protecting your legal rights will involve taking your case to trial. With this in mind, when choosing an accident attorney, you should look for someone whose case results include both settlements and judgments. This way, you will know that your attorney is both capable of securing a favorable settlement and willing to go to court if necessary.

Tip #5: Don’t Just Choose an Attorney, Choose a Legal Team 

Accident cases can be incredibly complicated, and they can involve a lot of work. As a result, rather than just looking for an attorney, you should look for a legal team. A law firm with a team of accident attorneys and professionals who are committed to protecting their clients’ rights will have the capabilities required to represent you effectively.

Tip #6: Ask for Recommendations 

Another good way to make an informed decision about your legal representation is by asking for recommendations. If you have friends or family members who have hired an accident attorney in the past, would they recommend their attorney? Why or why not?

Tip #7: Schedule a FREE, No-obligation Consultation 

Finally, one of the best ways to decide if an accident attorney is the right choice for you is to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation. This will give you the opportunity to sit down with an attorney one-on-one, and you can use this time to decide if it feels like a good fit. If it does and you feel confident, you can move forward. If it doesn’t, then you can schedule another appointment with another attorney.

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