Common Questions About Personal Injury Claims

At Boller & Vaughan, our Madison injury attorneys handle hundreds of personal injury cases each year from victims all over Wisconsin. Our clients come to us looking for answers on how personal injury cases work. To help those in our local communities, we’ve pulled together a list of the most frequently asked questions we are asked.


I was injured in an accident that wasn’t my fault. Do I have to go to court to get the compensation I deserve?


Some injury claims can be successfully settled out of court. That said, there are instances where you may be entitled to more compensation than the at-fault party’s insurer is willing to pay. In these situations, you may need to take your case before a judge to receive adequate compensation.


How soon should I contact an attorney about filing a lawsuit?


Speaking to an experienced personal injury attorney should be one of your first steps after an accident or injury. It is important that you do this before giving any statements to an insurance company about the incident.


How long do I have to file a lawsuit?


The length of time you have to file a lawsuit depends on the statute of limitations. In Wisconsin, personal injury victims typically have 3 years from the date of the accident to file suit, but this time limit can be shorter in certain circumstances.


How much could my case be worth?


The value of your case depends on a variety of factors, like your injuries, medical bills, time away from work, etc. It’s difficult to predict the value until most or all of your expenses are known and you’ve almost finished healing from your injuries.


How do you charge for your services?


Like most personal injury lawyers, we work on a contingency basis. That means our services are free until we successfully settle your case. Then we would charge a pre-determined percentage of your settlement.


How long will it take to settle my case and when will I receive my settlement?


How long your case takes to settle depends on the details of your claim and how cooperative the at-fault party is. Some cases take only a few months while others may take years. If your case is settled, receiving your compensation can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.


How can I help this process move along?


Once you have contacted an attorney, they will handle most, if not all, of the legal tasks associated with your case. As the victim, by law your job is to mitigate your damages. This means your focus must be on doing everything in your power to recover from your injuries.


The insurance company is asking me to sign medical and property damage releases. Should I?


NO! This is how insurance companies get people to sign away their right to fair compensation. Never sign anything or give recorded statements without first consulting with an attorney.


The insurance company has offered me a settlement. Should I accept? How do I know that their offer is a good one?


Never accept any settlement offer until you talk to a lawyer. It takes years of experience handling personal injury cases to know what the value of a case really is. Without the help of an attorney, you can never be sure that you are receiving the maximum amount of compensation owed to you.


I need Boller & Vaughan’s help. What should I bring to my appointment?


There are several pieces of information you can bring to your free consultation to help us evaluate your case. These include, but may not be limited to:


  • Names and contact information for all medical professional who treated you, including EMTs, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, etc.
  • Copies of your medical bills so far
  • Names and contact information for anyone who witnessed the accident
  • Names and contact information for anyone who was involved in the accident
  • Police reports
  • Names and contact information for any insurance adjusters you have spoken to
  • Your insurance information
  • Dates you were unable to work due to your injuries
  • Receipts for anything you had to buy or fix because of the injury or accident


Meeting with a personal injury lawyer can give you a better idea of what your legal options are. Since the attorneys at Boller & Vaughan offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, you have nothing to lose by scheduling an appointment.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by someone else’s negligence, contact Boller & Vaughan today at 608-268-0268.


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