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College Student Hits Police Officer While Using Snapchat

Media outlets from another state recently reported on a Texas A&M student who slammed her SUV into a parked police car while she was taking a topless Snapchat selfie for her boyfriend. When the police officer approached the 20-year-old woman’s SUV, they found her with an unclasped bra and struggling to put her shirt back on. They also found an open bottle of wine in the cupholder of the SUV’s center console. She told police that she was taking a selfie for her boyfriend while stopped at a red light. Ultimately, police charged the woman with DWI with an open container and minor in possession of alcohol.

This news story illustrates the dangers that occur when you are using your cell phone while driving, even if you’re stopped at a red light. Whether you are taking a selfie, posting on Snapchat, using GPS, texting, updating your Facebook status, or even just talking on your cell phone, you are endangering not only yourself, but other people on the roadways. The woman’s behavior in this case was even more dangerous because she also was driving while under the influence of alcohol. Either of these conditions alone – using a cell phone while driving or drunk driving – can have horrific consequences. However, when combined, the consequences are even more likely to be fatal.

While the dangers of drunk driving have been well-known for many years, distracted driving resulting from cell phone usage is a relatively recent phenomenon. Nonetheless, many studies that have focused on cell phone usage while driving have found that the practice is highly distracting. Many, many wrecks, injuries, and fatalities today can be directly linked to cell phone usage while driving.

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