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WisDOT Adds Wrong-Way Driver Detection Devices

A history of crashes involving wrong-way drivers in Milwaukee County has led to the installation of wrong-way driver detection devices in the area. These devices are so small that they are likely to go unnoticed by most drivers, but have the potential to have a huge impact on traffic accidents.

Twenty radar units that are designed to detect vehicles that are driving the wrong way on a roadway now are operational in Milwaukee County. The devices send an alert to the Statewide Traffic Operations Center, which enables them to locate the vehicle via a camera and make contact in real time with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. The Center is fully staffed 24/7 in order to ensure that the devices always are monitored.

Along with these devices, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has repositioned several “Wrong Way” signs so that drivers can more easily see them. Research shows that when drivers are impaired, they tend to look downward rather than upward. By positioning the signs in a lower location, the hope is that even impaired drivers will be more likely to notice the signs. WisDOT positioned the devices and repositioned signs largely at locations where entrance and exit ramps are close to one another, which is one of the places where wrong way driving mistakes are more easily be made.

Another component of the campaign against wrong-way drivers involves overhead electronic messaging boards, or “Dynamic Messaging Signs.” When a wrong-way driver is detected, staff members of the Statewide Traffic Operations Center will change the signs to warn other drivers of a wrong-way driver in the area.

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