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What is Wisconsin’s Elder Abuse and Adult at Risk Reporting Law?

Under Wisconsin law, each county is required to appoint an agency as the elder-adult-at-risk agency. In turn, this agency must establish an elder abuse reporting system, along with a policy for alerting other investigative agencies, such as law enforcement officials, about the system and how it operates. The purpose of this system is to provide a mechanism for individuals to report the abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, and self-neglect of older adults, and ensure that the appropriate agencies properly investigate all such reports and handle them as needed. Wisconsin law imposes various duties on the elder-adult-at-risk agency and how different situations should be documented, addressed, and remedied.

For example, the elder-adult-at-risk agency has the affirmative duty to appropriately report abuse, neglect, or exploitation of any individuals over the age of 60 by a caregiver or a certain entity to the appropriate departments for investigation and assistance within 24 hours of the report. Many different types of individuals are mandated reporters under Wisconsin law, including doctors, therapists, and social workers, with respect to an elder adult if the adult requests that a report be made, or if the reporter believes that the adult is at imminent risk of serious bodily harm, death, sexual assault, or significant property loss caused by a suspected perpetrator. These mandated reporters can make a report through the elder-adult-at-risk agency, a law enforcement agency, or any other appropriate agency designate by statute.

Wisconsin’s Elder Abuse and Adult at Risk Reporting Law is one of the tools available on a statewide basis to help combat elder abuse and neglect before it severely harms individuals. The Wisconsin elder abuse lawyers of Boller & Vaughan have handled countless claims on behalf of nursing home residents who have suffered serious injuries and even death due to the negligent behavior of nursing home staff and facilities. When a serious injury or death of a loved one occurs, we know just how devastating it can be, and how you powerless you feel as a result. Allow your family to begin the healing process from this traumatic event by holding the wrongdoers responsible for your loved one’s injuries. Contact our office today and set up a free consultation with one of our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys.