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Wisconsin Traffic Fatalities – July 2017

July 2017 was the deadliest July on record since 2012, with 72 traffic fatalities. It also has been the deadliest month so far in 2017, by far. The month closest to July in terms of number of fatalities was June, in which there were 60 traffic fatalities. There has been a total of 367 traffic fatalities so far in 2017, resulting from 337 fatal crashes. These fatalities have included 209 drivers, 63 passengers, 47 motorcyclists, 38 pedestrians, five motorcycle passengers, three bicyclists, and two unknown individuals.

Since Americans spend an average of 293 hours of driving each year, these statistics should be of interest to you. The number of traffic fatalities simply emphasizes the need to take all safety precautions possible when driving. For instance, you always should wear a seatbelt. Although Wisconsin state law requires that all drivers wear seatbelts, it is estimated that only about 84% of drivers still wear seatbelts on a regular basis. Interestingly, drivers of SUVs were most likely to wear seatbelts, and drivers of commercial vehicles or pick-up trucks were the least likely to wear seatbelts.

Despite stricter DUI laws and penalties, drivers still continue to be impaired by drugs or alcohol when driving. The likelihood of a crash resulting in injuries or fatalities is much higher when a driver is impaired. Not only does it put the driver himself or herself at risk, but the driver also puts other innocent people at risk, including other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Never driving while impaired is one of the best ways to avoid increasing your chances of being injured or killed in a wreck.

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