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What is a Wisconsin Nursing Home Care Plan?

All nursing homes are required to develop detailed care plans for nursing home residents. They are required to submit this information to the federal government for the purposes of state inspections and quality control, as well as to receive nursing home payments made by Medicare. Nursing home care plans will differ significantly based on the particular resident’s needs. However, a very basic care plan includes the following:

  • A health assessment that begins on your admission date to the nursing home, to be completed within 14 days of admission
  • Additional health assessments every 90 days, or more often, if a change in medical conditions necessitates a new assessment
  • Ongoing and regular assessments of your medical condition in order to determine if your care plan should be changed.

Other elements of a nursing home care plan might include a description of the health services that you need, the skill level of staff who should provide you with care, the types of equipment or supplies that you need to help your medical conditions, dietary needs and preferences, your personal health goals, and information about whether you intend on being discharged from the nursing home back into your community.

The main purpose of a nursing home care plan is to ensure that you are receiving all health care and services that are necessary for your medical conditions. Having a plan in place also allows nursing home officials to assess your condition on a regular basis in order to see if those needs have changed, and to change the services being provided to you, if needed.

The nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers of Boller & Vaughan are experienced in reading and evaluating nursing home care plans to determine the level of care that was recommended for individual residents. A nursing home care plan can be evidence of a nursing home’s failure to provide necessary medical care to a resident if, for instance, no one complies with the requirement that the nursing home care plan be regularly updated to reflect a resident’s changing needs.

We know how to investigate your case, assess your situation and determine whether you have any potential claims against nursing home staff or the nursing home itself. Contact Boller & Vaughan today and learn how we can help you through this difficult situation.