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Watch Out for Motorcycles on Wisconsin Roads

Motorcycle accidents are all too common on Wisconsin roadways, particularly during the summer months when riders are more apt to use their motorcycles for commuting, running errands, and taking vacations. Unfortunately, the unique nature of a motorcycle in terms of its size, structure, and lack of safety features, makes its riders more vulnerable to injuries from accidents than occupants of a regular motor vehicle. If all drivers, both of vehicles and motorcycles, observe the rules of the road and drive cautiously, there could be great progress toward preventing motorcycle accidents.

For drivers of all motor vehicles, it is essential to remember that motorcycles are likely to be on the roads, especially in the summertime. It is often more difficult for drivers to see motorcycles as they are driving, both due to the small size of motorcycles and their ability to travel directly in your blind spot. Allow them the same road courtesy that you would a regular vehicle; for instance, cutting a motorcycle off abruptly is far more likely to seriously injure a motorcyclist than the driver of a regularly-sized motor vehicle.

Motorcyclists also need to take certain steps to protect themselves. First, since motorcycles have no built-in safety features such as seatbelts or airbags, motorcycle riders need to always wear protective gear, including helmets, in order to adequately protect themselves. After all, one in every five motorcycle accidents results in head or neck injuries to a motorcyclist. Motorcycle riders also should wear bright or reflective clothing in order to make themselves more visible to other drivers. Similarly, motorcyclists should obey the rules of the road, just as the driver of a motor vehicle should. They should use turn signals as needed, avoid sharing lanes with other motorcycles, and be wary of parked cars, as a driver or passenger could suddenly open a door and strike a motorcyclist.

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