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What if I Suspect a Loved One is Being Abused in a Nursing Home?

The Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has the responsibility of ensuring that Wisconsin residents are healthy and safe. If you ever believe that a nursing home or other long-term care facility has violated state or federal laws or that a health care provider committed any type of abuse or neglect, you have the right to file a complaint with DQA.

If you have a complaint about a nursing home, you should contact your regional DQA office. You also can file a complaint online by emailing DQA at [email protected]. Complaints also can be made by calling the DQA’s toll-free number, 1-800-642-6552. To make a complaint against a particular caregiver about a specific incident or pattern of behavior, including nurses, nurse’s aides, and doctors, you can contact the Caregiver Intake Unit of DQA at (608) 261-8319.

If you suspect that a loved one who is over the age of 60 has been the victim of abuse, you can call your County Help Line for assistance. You can find information about your county’s elder abuse agency here. It is the responsibility of elder abuse agencies to record complaints, investigate complaints, and report incidents of abuse to the proper local and state authorities. Keep in mind that abuse is not limited to physical abuse. You can and should still make a complaint if the abuse is emotional or financial in nature.

If your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of a caretaker, whether in a home setting, nursing home or other healthcare facility, you may have a valid personal injury claim. This type of situation makes it essential to contact your experienced Madison elder abuse attorneys in order to protect your rights and obtain the financial relief that you deserve. Certain individuals have an obligation under the law to report suspected abuse or neglect of an elderly individual or nursing home or other facility resident. Those who fail to do so must face the consequences of their actions. Hold negligent Wisconsin care providers responsible for their actions. Contact Boller & Vaughan today and learn how we can help you.