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Survey Ranks States According to ‘Nice Driver’ Rates

Kars 4 Kids recently launched a courteous driving campaign entitled #DriveHuman. The purpose of the campaign is make roads safer for drivers and passengers by discouraging bad driving behaviors that also are hazardous for everyone on the road. These behaviors include actions like tailgating,

A survey of 50 licensed drivers from each state revealed which states have the most courteous drivers, as well as the least courteous drivers. The results of the survey revealed that #1 Idaho had the most polite drivers, whereas #50 New York had the rudest drivers, a finding that is not much of a surprise to anyone.

Perhaps more surprising is the apparent rudeness of Wisconsin drivers, who came in at #46. According to the survey results, Wisconsin rated a C- when it comes to drivers responding aggressively to slow drivers, a D- for drivers allowing others to merge ahead of them in heavy traffic, and a C+ for responding rudely when a driver tailgates him or her. Wisconsin drivers do much better when it comes to using their turn signals (A), but apparently are notorious for stealing another person’s parking place (F). Wisconsin drivers also rated a D for speeding up in order to stop someone from passing them. Overall, drivers in Western states are the most courteous, as well as drivers nationwide from the ages of 51-64. Females are much more courteous drivers than men, in general.

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