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Study Shows Wisconsin is 4th Most Dangerous State for Drunk Driving

A new report is showing that Wisconsin is the 4th most dangerous state in the nation for drunk driving. Based on data from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the KIDS COUNT Data Center, and, this study ranks states based on the following criteria:

  • Cost per fatality by state
  • Percentage of fatal crashes involving alcohol
  • DUI arrests
  • DUI penalties
  • Percentage of drunk driving fatalities per amount of state drunk driving laws

The study further placed a weight on each of these five categories in order to balance the relative severity of each category overall. The results of the study indicated that there is no one solution to effectively combatting drunk driving. For instance, high numbers of DUI laws, penalties, and arrests in states did not necessarily result in a lower number of DUI fatalities or cost per fatality by state taxpayers.

Some of the study’s findings also were quite unexpected. One might assume that states that are popular tourist destinations, such as Florida, California, Hawaii, and New York, would have higher rates of DUI arrests and alcohol-related fatal crashes. However, the data showed exactly the opposite. The states that individuals often visit on vacation had comparatively lower rankings than many other states. In fact, the states that ranked as the ten most dangerous and worst on combatting DUI, aside from Wisconsin, included Vermont, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, South Carolina, Idaho, Montana, and the worst ranked state of North Dakota. Most individuals would not necessarily name these states as top vacation destination areas, so the rates of tourism seemingly did not affect the states’ rankings at all.

While the state of Wisconsin has many laws in place regarding drunk driving, the penalties for violating those laws are not very serious. In fact, out of all states nationwide, Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws ranked in the top ten of states that had very lenient penalties for DUI in general.

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