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Spinal Cord Injuries and Auto Accidents

Serious car crashes often result in significant injuries to the drivers and passengers of those vehicles, as well as to pedestrians and bicyclists in some cases. One of the more severe injuries that can result from a vehicle accident is a spinal cord injury. In fact, the number one cause of spinal cord injuries is vehicle crashes; 39% of all spinal cord injuries result from motor vehicle accidents.

Spinal cords run from the neck to the waist and are contained within the spinal columns. There are three levels to the spine: the cervical, the thoracic, and the lumbar. All spinal cord injuries involve damage to one or more of those three levels of the spine. Some individuals with spinal cord injuries are quadriplegic, which means that they are unable to move their arms and legs. Other individuals are paraplegic, which means that they cannot move their legs, but they can move their arms. Obviously, injuries such as these can have a devastating effect on an individual, and are likely to result in ongoing medical bills and treatment costs for duration of his or her life.

Due to the severity of a spinal cord injury, it is essential that you enlist the assistance of a personal injury attorney who has experience in handling these types of serious cases. You want someone who has specialized knowledge of spinal cord injuries and how they affect your everyday life. This will allow you to obtain the maximum amount of compensation available for your losses, which is important, given the fact that both your life and your family’s life are likely to be profoundly changed by your injuries.

The experienced Wisconsin personal injury attorneys of Boller & Vaughan are here to help you through the aftermath of a motor vehicle crash, no matter how great the damages or injuries may be. We can look into the circumstances surrounding your accident, assess the situation, and evaluate any claims that you may have for damages. We know how to determine fault in a car accident, and build a strong personal injury claim based on that determination. Contact our office today in order to schedule a free initial consultation about any potential claim that you may have.