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SNFs Improve Outcomes for Trauma Patients

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News recently reported on a new research study at the University of Washington measuring the outcomes of patients who were discharged to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). According to researchers, when hospitals discharge trauma or post-surgery patients to SNFs with lower ratios of nurses to beds, the patients have lower rates of mortality. However, those patients who went to SNFs in general, as opposed to those who went home, typically had worse outcomes, and higher rates of readmission. The goal of the study was to determine whether nurse staffing and patient numbers in nursing homes had any impact on the outcomes for those patients.

The study analyzed more than 389,000 patients who went to 3,700 Medicare-certified SNFs between 2007 and 2009. All of the patients were discharged to these SNFs following trauma or surgery. The researchers concluded that modifying and standardizing certain characteristics of SNFs could improve patient outcomes. For instance, standardizing staffing levels at SNFs could reduce differences in the quality of post-acute patient care. Likewise, standardizing specialization also could improve outcomes. Therefore, the researchers concluded that staffing levels and specialization are two factors that definitely impact outcomes for patients who are discharged to SNFs following acute care.

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