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Is Snapchat’s Speed Filter to Blame for Car Wreck?

NBC News recently reported on a personal injury lawsuit filed in Georgia that concerns Snapchat’s speed filter. The suit, which lawyers filed on behalf of man who suffered permanent brain damage in a car crash, alleges that the social media platform’s speed filter led to the crash that caused his injuries. The injury victim has sued both the other driver involved in the crash and Snapchat. The suit alleges that the other driver increased her speed to more than 100 miles per hour in order to post an image of herself going fast on Snapchat. The speed filter available on Snapchat allows users to post such images in exchange for reward points.

Authorities estimate that the other driver was traveling at a rate of about 107 m.p.h. while driving in a zone with a 55 m.p.h. speed limit when the crash occurred with the victim, who was starting a shift as an Uber driver at the time of the crash. The vehicle crash caused the victim to suffer a traumatic brain injury that left him hospitalized in an intensive care unit for five weeks following the crash. He lost 50 pounds and is unable to work or completely take care of himself.

Snapchat has issued a general statement to the effect that no Snap is more important than an individual’s safety. The company also stated that they discourage usage of the speed filter app while driving, including posting a warning message in the app itself that reads “Do NOT Snap and Drive.” As of the date of the NBC news report, neither Snapchat nor the other driver involved in the crash had responded to the lawsuit.

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