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Skilled Nursing Home Population Hits New Low

Skilled Nursing Home Population Hits New Low

The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) recently released a report showing that skilled nursing facility (SNF) occupancy dropped to 81.7%, or its lowest point in five years, during the second quarter of 2017. Although seasonal factors often cause a drop in occupancy, due to the prevalence of illnesses like flu, rates have continued to fall during the third and fourth quarters of the year. These statistics indicate a downward trend that may very well continue throughout the remainder of 2017, as well.

NIC representatives attribute the drop in SNF occupancy to a variety of different factors, including the increased role of managed care, the practice of sending patients directly home from the hospital, and the fact that more complex surgeries are often performed in an outpatient setting. These factors have combined to cause occupancy challenges, especially with respect to the number of Medicare patient days. Ironically, however, Medicaid patient days reached peak levels at almost 66% occupancy, for the highest occupancy rate in five years.

NIC has provided its NIC Skilled Nursing Data Report since 2011 for operators and investors involved with NSFs. The report offers aggregate data from SNF operators who have multiple properties in the U.S. NIC intends to continue to gather data from an increased number of SNF operators in order to provide localized data in addition to national data.

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