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Sepsis Responsible for Most Hospital Readmissions

Based on data taken from a national hospital readmissions database that covers almost half of all inpatient stays in the United States, a team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that the most common cause of hospital readmissions was due to sepsis over any other medical condition. Sepsis outnumbered other common conditions by far, accounting for 12.2% of all readmissions. Other common causes of readmissions were heart failure at 6.7%, pneumonia at 5%, COPD at 4.6%, and heart attack at 1.3%. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) monitor the rates of hospital readmissions for all of these types of medical conditions in order to levy readmission penalties as needed. Kaiser Health News has issued a report anticipating significant increase in CMS readmission penalties in 2017, which are likely to affect more than half of American hospitals and result in the total withholding of $528 million in Medicare funds.

In comparison to these other common medical conditions leading to hospital readmissions, sepsis often causes patients to not only frequently return to the hospital, but also to develop new medical conditions. As a result, sepsis readmissions have a significantly high death rate. Moreover, hospital readmissions attributable to sepsis also cost more than readmissions related to other medical conditions, or an average of $10,070. The second costliest hospital readmission stems from pneumonia, at an average of $9,533 per readmission.

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