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What is the SELF-DRIVE Act?

The SELF-DRIVE Act is bipartisan federal legislation that increases the authority of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to adapt and establish federal safety standards regarding self-driving vehicles. Many companies are currently testing and building prototypes of self-driving cars; as a result, it is necessary that federal regulations be updated to reflect this new technology.

One of the major goals of this legislation is to reduce traffic fatalities by 90%, saving 30,000 lives per year. According to the NHTSA, 94% of motor vehicle accidents are caused by human error. The rate of motor vehicle accidents has continued to climb each year. Researchers hope that the implementation of self-driving cars will drastically reduce the thousands of deaths and millions of injuries that occur nationwide on an annual basis. Furthermore, self-driving cars can create new economic opportunities, as well as help seniors and disabled individuals live more independently.

Through this legislation, the NHTSA will have the responsibility of regulating the safety of design, construction, and performance of self-driving cars. The NHTSA also will have increased access to safety data for the purposes of updating and developing safety standards, and submission of safety assessment certifications by vehicle manufacturers. Meanwhile, states will maintain control over vehicle registrations, licensing, driving education and training, insurance, law enforcement, safety and emissions inspections, and traffic laws and regulations.

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