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Safe Driving Tips

Thousands of motor vehicle crashes take place across the U.S. every year, and the state of Wisconsin is no exception. Although you cannot control the behavior and driving habits of other drivers, you can take some simple steps to help you avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of a serious accident.

Here are some safety tips from the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • Avoid driving when you are angry, upset, or extremely tired.
  • Do not rush. It is better to be late than speed or violate traffic laws to get there on time.
  • Treat other drivers the same way that you want to be treated; avoid aggressive driving.
  • Maintain an adequate stopping distance between vehicles; avoid tailgating.
  •  Reduce your speed as needed due to weather conditions, such as snow and ice.
  • Do not weave between lanes to avoid traffic or travel faster.
  • Do not drive after consuming alcohol, even if you don’t think you have consumed enough to alter your behavior or judgment in any way.
  • Don’t engage in distracted driving, whether it involves using a cell phone, using a GPS, eating, applying makeup, or fixing your hair. Distracted driving makes you far more likely to be involved in an accident.

While it is not possible to prevent every accident, taking care to drive safely yourself can still prevent some accidents. By obeying traffic signs and rules of the road, you can minimize your exposure to traffic accidents.

Even if you are careful to abide by our safe driving tips, we know that not every driver on the road will be so careful. At Boller & Vaughan, we know that suffering serious injuries from any type of accident can be a stressful, emotional, physically painful, and financially draining event.

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