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Safe Driving Keys For Super Bowl Weekend

Safe Driving Keys For Super Bowl Weekend

If you feel capable of driving but you’re thinking about having “one for the road” before leaving the Super Bowl party, it might be best to think twice. A recent study found that even slight elevation in blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can increase a driver’s likelihood of causing a car accident. If you were injured by an impaired driver’s carelessness, our Eau Claire auto accident lawyers can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

The first nationwide analysis of data on how BAC within the legal limit (.08 percent in Wisconsin) can affect safe driving revealed that even drivers with a BAC below .08 percent (also called “buzzed” driving) still had a significantly higher risk of being at fault in an auto accident.

So, what’s the best way to enjoy the big game this weekend without risking an accident? Safe driving tips include:

  • Volunteering to be the designated driver
  • Keeping yourself occupied by chatting with friends, enjoying food or just watching the game
  • Alternating alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic beverages
  • Cutting your alcohol consumption off entirely by the end of the third quarter
  • Staying where you are overnight, if possible, or arranging for a sober friend or family member or taxi to get you home

Though these tips can keep you and your fellow party guests safe, not all drivers will make the same responsible decisions. If you or a loved one was injured in an auto accident involving alcohol, our Eau Claire attorneys can build an effective claim on your behalf against the impaired driver.

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