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Where to Report Elder Abuse

Every county in the state of Wisconsin has an elder abuse agency that will investigate complaints or reports of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation. If you want to report the suspected or confirmed abuse of an adult who is aged 60 or older, you should contact your County Help Line. Each county also must have an adult protective services (APS) agency that is responsible for providing protective services and placement to all adults at risk, regardless of their age. Each APS agency is legally required to report all findings to the Department of Health Services.

When you call to report elder abuse, the person who answers the phone is likely to ask you detailed information about the person whom you suspect is being abused and what abuse you believe is occurring. However, you don’t have to know every detail in order to make a report of elder abuse; additional information is helpful, but not necessary. You also can give your name and address, but you are not required to do so.

Once you contact your county elder abuse agency, a caseworker will review your report and determine what response is necessary, based on the facts and circumstances that you reported. Responders will investigate the situation, if needed, and take immediate steps to improve the current situation and prevent any further abuse. Some of the potential services that your elder abuse agency can offer include the following:

  • Health care
  • Aging services, such as for transportation, nutrition, and benefits counseling
  • Domestic violence/sexual assault services, including legal advocacy, counseling, and safety planning
  • Criminal justice intervention
  • Legal assistance

The Wisconsin nursing home lawyers of Boller & Vaughan know how difficult it can be to entrust your loved one to the care of others, particularly when he or she is so dependent on caregivers. When abusive incidents occur in these facilities or other types of long-term care situations, you tend to lose trust in institutional caregivers, no matter how much your loved one needs this kind of care. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting your rights and those of your loved ones in all types of circumstances. We handle nursing home abuse cases on a daily basis, and we know how to get the relief to which you may be entitled. Don’t hesitate to fight back against an abusive nursing home or assisted living facility that has caused harm to your loved one. Call us today at 608-268-0268 and see how we can help.