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Pedestrians Face Dangers of Distracted Driving

Walking has increasingly become a popular form of exercise, as well as a way to get from here to there while saving a little bit of gas money. Many school children still walk to and from school on a daily basis. However, cars are still necessary for many individuals who commute to workplaces or schools located at distances that are too far to walk from home. Although it is not the worst state statistically, Wisconsin has more pedestrian deaths and injuries that one might think. Each year, motor vehicle accidents cause about 60 pedestrian fatalities and 1,500 pedestrian injuries. As a result, there is clearly some risk of simply being a pedestrian on Wisconsin streets.

Many of these fatalities and injuries suffered by pedestrians are directly attributable to distracted drivers. If a driver is paying more attention to his or her cell phone than pedestrians crossing the street, there is a significant risk that he or she will be injured.

Disregarding traffic signs and signals also can result in injury to a pedestrian. Running a red light or stop sign is dangerous not only for other drivers, but for pedestrians, as well. Speeding, failing to maintain one’s lane, and otherwise disregarding road signs also can cause injuries to pedestrians and drivers alike.

Furthermore, pedestrian injuries are one of the most common types of injuries to children in the United States. Children may be more susceptible to pedestrian injuries because they are often small, fast, impulsive, and do not appreciate the hazards of traffic. Streets without crosswalks or crosswalk signals, streets with higher speed limits, and streets with parked cars all tend to be more hazardous to children pedestrians than other streets.

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