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What is the Ombudsman Program and How Does It Work?

In accordance with federal law, the State of Wisconsin has established a Board on Aging and Long Term Care, which consists of seven appointed board members, agency staff, and an executive director/state ombudsman. The purpose of this Board is to advocate on behalf of long-term care consumers, inform these residents of their rights, and to educate the public about long-term care and related issues. This agency also has created the Ombudsman Program, which is a valuable resource for long-term care consumers and their families throughout the state of Wisconsin. The Ombudsman Program is designed to protect and promote the rights of long-term care consumers so that they can achieve their expected quality of care and life.

The Program serves all consumers of long-term care facilities who are ages 60 and older. These consumers include residents of any nursing home, Community Based Residential Facility, Residential Care Apartment Complex, or Adult Family Home, as well as anyone using the services of the community Options Program or the Family Care/Partnership/PACE program. You can contact the Ombudsman Program for a number of reasons, including the investigation of complaints about the long-term care services that a consumer is receiving. The Ombudsman also can mediate and resolve issues regarding long-term care services, and provide information about resident rights and concerns related to abuse and abuse prevention. There is a regional Ombudsman that serves all Wisconsin counties. You can identify your regional Ombudsman by looking at this state ombudsman coverage map, or by calling the Ombudsman Program toll-free at 1-800-815-0015.

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