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Flu Can Lead to Additional Health Problems in Older Adults

The flu can be dangerous for any individual, but in older adults, its effects can be particularly severe. In fact, after a senior citizen has the flu, he or she will be more susceptible to having a heart attack, stroke, or disability. This increased risk of serious medical conditions can linger for weeks even after he or she has recovered from the flu. More specifically, in the two to four weeks after an older individual has recovered from the flu, he or she will have three to five times the normal risk of having a heart attack, and wo to three times the normal risk of having a stroke. Essentially, the flu can create a domino-like effect in older adults, leading to more severe and lasting health problems, some of which can even be fatal.

When anyone has the flu, he or she often will suffer from a fever and body aches, which is due to the systemic inflammatory response in the body. This is what causes further medical problems in seniors. As a result, seniors make up more than half of all flu-related hospitalizations, and more than 80% of flu-related deaths. In response to these statistics, physicians strongly recommend that seniors get a flu shot, especially one of the enhanced flu shots that are specifically designed for adults.

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