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Fault In Truck Accidents Caused By Brake Malfunction

Fault In Truck Accidents Caused By Brake Malfunction

With a fully loaded semi weighing upward of 80,000 pounds, one of the worst components to stop working while on the road is the brakes. Unfortunately, The Lawyer’s LogBook recently reported that brake failure is the foremost mechanical problem that causes collisions. Truck accidents can be devastating, and you’ll need the services of a skilled Eau Claire lawyer who can pursue the compensation you deserve while you begin recovering from your injuries.

Every 18-wheeler has 10 air brakes, with two on each axle. Though air brakes are designed to retain a consistent level of pressure and apply automatically when falling below that threshold, brakes can malfunction for a number of reasons, increasing the risk of a truck accident.

The parties who might be held liable for a truck accident resulting from brake failure include:

  • The manufacturer: For producing brakes that don’t achieve a weight-appropriate braking force or violate federal regulations on brake systems for big rigs
  • The driver: For improper operation, such as “riding” the brakes (wearing them down by excessive use), or not inspecting them before the day’s haul
  • The trucking company: For not properly maintaining brakes or failing to log service activities
  • The company that loaded the truck: For not evenly distributing the weight of cargo and putting unsafe pressure on the brakes

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