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Failing to Maintain Vehicle Can Result in Accidents

While many individuals think of driver distractions, adverse weather conditions, and speeding as the main causes of motor vehicle accidents, failing to maintain vehicles also can contribute or even be the primary cause of accidents. Fortunately, these types of accidents are completely preventable. By ensuring that your car is properly maintained on a regular basis, you can avoid accidents, as well as the inconvenience of having your car break down on you at an unexpected moment.

One common cause of maintenance-related motor vehicle collisions is related to tires and wheels. In many cases, tires become overheated, which results in under-inflation, a risk that becomes even greater during hot weather and while driving on high-speed roads. Worn-down tires also can a loss of traction that is particularly dangerous on wet roadways. In this situation, the car may hydroplane and become impossible to control. Likewise, a failure to properly tighten lug nuts, which hold hubcaps and wheels together, can result in them loosening and the wheel falling off.

Brakes also need routine maintenance and care. For instance, brake pads wear down and must be replaced on a regular basis. Brake fluid also is necessary for brakes to continue to work properly. Failing to ensure that there is adequate brake fluid can result in brake malfunctions. Similarly, failure to maintain and replace other mechanical and hydraulic parts of brakes can cause brakes to malfunction, thus potentially leading to accidents.

Broken defrosters and windshield wipers also can lead to accidents. If you cannot adequately clear your windshield, windows, and mirrors from rain, snow, and ice, then you may be unable to see the road or drive safely. An inability to see the road also can result in catastrophic accidents.

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