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What Does an Elderly Sexual Assault Attorney Do?

If you are considering contacting an elderly sexual assault attorney because someone you love has been victimized in a nursing home, you are not alone. Close to one in 50 nursing home residents report experiencing some form of sexual assault during their time living in a facility. 

This is a problem for which there is no excuse. Nursing homes have a duty to provide a safe living environment for their residents, and under no circumstances should nursing home residents ever be at risk for sexual assault.

The experienced lawyers at Boller & Vaughn have extensive experience helping victims of elderly sexual assault in Wisconsin. If you or a loved one suffered at the hands of someone at a nursing home, assisted living home, or memory care facility, we want to hear your story. We can help you pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

How an Elderly Sexual Assault Attorney Can Help Victims of Abuse 

Whether you are a victim of sexual assault in a nursing home or you are seeking help on behalf of a loved one, there are many ways that an experienced elderly sexual assault attorney can help. For example, at Boller & Vaughan, our attorneys assist with: 

Getting the Senior Medical Treatment Immediately 

An elderly sexual assault attorney at Boller & Vaughan can assist with making sure that you or your loved one receives all necessary medical treatment. Nursing home residents have the legal right to receive health care from a provider of their own choosing; and, if your (or your loved one’s) nursing home is interfering with this right, we can take legal action as warranted. 

Getting the Senior Out of the Abusive Nursing Home 

Our attorneys can also assist with getting out of the nursing home where the sexual assault occurred. The statistics show that the issues that lead to sexual assaults in nursing homes rarely go away on their own. In fact, these issues tend to get worse before they get better. Nursing home residents should never have to live in fear that a past sexual assault may be repeated. 

Getting the Senior Into a Different Nursing Home 

Along with helping you (or your loved one) get out of an abusive nursing home, we can also help with getting into a different nursing home in Wisconsin. Our attorneys can help you make an informed decision about the nursing home you choose, and we can help ensure that you understand the costs and other terms of residency.

Seeking Financial Compensation for Financial Costs

Sexual assaults in nursing homes can leave residents and their families facing significant financial costs. Nursing homes can (and should) be held accountable for these costs—both now and in the future. An elderly sexual assault attorney at Boller & Vaughan can file a claim against the nursing home, and our team will work closely with you to ensure that we are seeking the full financial resources you and your family will need in the months and years to come. 

Seeking Financial Compensation for the Non-Financial Effects of the Abuse 

In addition to financial costs, victims of nursing home abuse in Wisconsin are also entitled to compensation for the non-financial effects of the abuse. This includes compensation for their emotional trauma, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life. Holding nursing homes fully accountable for these costs is an important step toward making sure that they do not allow similar assaults to occur in the future. 

Planning for the Future 

From understanding nursing home residents’ legal rights to planning for their ongoing medical needs and ensuring that their loved ones’ financial futures are secure, there are lots of ways that an experienced elderly sexual assault attorney can assist with planning for the future. When dealing with the physical, psychological, and financial consequences of sexual assault, informed decision-making is important—and we work closely with our clients to ensure that they have all of the information they need. 

Providing Legal Assistance at No Out-of-Pocket Cost 

At Boller & Vaughan, our elderly sexual assault attorneys provide legal assistance at no out-of-pocket cost. We provide free initial consultations, and we provide legal representation on a contingency-fee basis. This means that you will not be asked to pay anything during our legal representation. If we help you (or your loved one) obtain financial compensation from the abusive nursing home, we will retain a percentage of this compensation as our legal fees. If you do not receive financial compensation for any reason, you owe us nothing. 

Talk to an Elderly Sexual Assault Attorney at Boller & Vaughan for FREE

If you need more information about how to deal with sexual assault in a Wisconsin nursing home, we strongly encourage you to contact us right away. We can explain everything you need to know and start assisting you immediately. 

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