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Congress Cuts Funding for Two Senior Programs

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) recently reported that the current bipartisan federal funding bill reveals significant cuts to two senior programs. The first program is the Senior Community Service Empowerment Program (SCSEP), which is slated for a $34.4 million cut, from $434.4 million to $400 million. Last year, SCSEP provided 70,000 older adults with on-the-job training, who, in turn, provided almost 36 million hours of staff support to 30,000 organizations. Nonetheless, the program is facing major cuts, and even elimination in the Trump administration’s FY 18 budget proposal.

The second type of program looking at serious cuts in budget is the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP). SHIPs offer local and personalized counseling to people who receive Medicare coverage and their families. In 2015, SHIPs provided this type of assistance to more than six million people in understanding the Medicare program, appealing denials of coverage, dealing with billing issues, and applying for cost-savings programs. Since over 10,000 American individuals become eligible for Medicare each day, losses to these programs will have a significant impact. SHIP is facing a five million dollar cut in its budget, from $52.1 million to $47.1 million.

As Congress continues to cut funding for senior programs, abuse and neglect of seniors also continues to proliferate in nursing care facilities nationwide. If your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of a caretaker, whether in a home health care setting, nursing home, or other healthcare facility, you may have a valid personal injury claim. This type of situation makes it essential to contact an experienced Wisconsin neglect and abuse attorney in order to protect your rights and obtain the financial relief that you deserve. Certain individuals have an obligation under the law to report suspected abuse or neglect of an elderly individual or nursing home or other facility resident. Those who fail to do so must face the consequences of their actions. Hold negligent Wisconsin care providers responsible for their actions. Contact Boller & Vaughan today and learn how we can help you.