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Common Causes of Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Crashes

There are a variety of different causes of motor vehicle accidents, some of which are far more common than others. All motor vehicle crashes, no matter what the cause may be, have the potential to result in serious injuries to all parties involved. When one party is negligent in causing a motor vehicle accident, regardless of the nature of the negligence, he or she may be liable for any injuries that result from that accident.

One cause of car accidents that has increased rapidly in recent years is distraction, whether it involves texting, using GPS, making a phone call, or surfing the Internet on a cell phone. Electronic devices have become a part of everyday life, making all of us potentially reachable at any place and time, including while driving. Aside from electronic devices, however, other activities can serve as distractions sufficient to cause an accident if performed by driving. These activities include things like eating, applying make-up, hair styling, and changing the radio station.

Another common cause of serious motor vehicle accidents is drunk driving. Despite increased patrol and enforcement efforts by law enforcement agencies and state legislatures alike, drunk or impaired driving is a very real problem that continues to exist in today’s society. In the state of Wisconsin, if an adult’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08% or higher, it is illegal for him or her to operate a motor vehicle. However, even a driver who has a lower BAC or who is under the influence of certain drugs, prescription or otherwise, may be too impaired to drive, and has the potential for causing accidents.

Drowsy driving is another common occurrence that can result in motor vehicle accidents. Particularly in the case of drivers who are traveling a long distance, or long-haul truck drivers, drowsiness can impair a driver to the point that he or she should not be driving. Although there are federal regulations that govern how many hours a truck driver can drive before taking a break for a certain number of hours, truckers and trucking companies often fail to abide by these regulations, thus putting other drivers on the roadway at risk.

We are the Wisconsin traffic accident lawyers to whom you always can turn if you or your loved one suffers serious injuries in a motor vehicle crash, whether it involves drunk driving, distracted driving, or another issue. No matter how complex or difficult your situation may be, the Madison injury attorneys of Boller & Vaughan are here to advocate on behalf of you and your family and hold negligent drivers responsible for any injuries that have occurred.