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Car Wreck Injuries that May Not Appear Immediately

After being involved in a car accident, you may think that you escaped serious injury and are perfectly fine. In fact, you are so sure that you weren’t injured in the minor car wreck that you refuse medical attention and don’t follow up with your physician over the next few days. After several days go by, however, you may experience pain from car accident-related injuries that are just beginning to surface. There are several different symptoms that you may not experience at all until several days after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

For example, if you begin to experience serious headaches within a week or so of the accident, it could be a sign of a potentially serious injury that you didn’t realize that you had sustained. You might have a blood clot on your brain, a neck injury, a concussion, or a traumatic brain injury. Therefore, it is essential that you immediately go to the doctor in order to rule out or treat these serious injuries as needed.

Another injury that commonly does not surface until days following an accident is whiplash, or what amounts to neck and/or shoulder pain and stiffness. Even an accident in which you were rear-ended at a very low speed, for instance, can result in a whiplash injury. In fact, most whiplash injuries stem from a rear-end collision during which the vehicles were traveling at 14 miles per hour or less. Whiplash injuries can be minor annoyances, or serious problems, depending on your situation. You may need x-rays, CT scans, or MRIs in order to check for serious injuries symptomatic of whiplash.

Internal bleeding from a car accident often will occur for hours or even days prior to you noticing the injury. Your abdomen may begin to swell or develop deep purple bruising. You may experience unexplained faintness or dizziness. These symptoms could be indicative of internal bleeding, which can be an extremely severe, and even life-threatening, medical condition. If you suspect internal bleeding, then you should contact emergency medical personnel immediately.

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