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Where Can I File a Complaint About an Assisted Living Facility?

All too often, individuals with loved ones who reside in nursing home, assisted living facilities, and community-based residential facilities (CBRF), watch helplessly as the health of their loved ones decline, often without a good reason. In some cases, individuals may attribute the decline of these residences to the onset of new medical conditions or the worsening of existing medical conditions. In other situations, however, individuals may suspect that the substandard or complete lack of care by the nursing facility is adversely affecting the physical or mental condition of their loved ones. Fortunately, there is a way that you can ensure that assisted living facilities and other long-term care facilities are meeting their responsibilities.

The Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) is responsible for ensuring that caregivers and facilities adequately maintain the health, safety, and welfare of all Wisconsin citizens. There are several different ways that you can file a complaint with DQA. You can contact the regional DQA office that covers the facility where your loved one is located. If you are aren’t sure what office to call, you can look to the Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care regional office map and the Bureau of Assisted Living regional office map for guidance. Finally, you can use the toll-free number to file a complaint, by calling 1-800-642-6552.

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