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How Can an Aging and Disability Resource Center Help Me?

An Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is a central resource for information and assistance about all aspects of aging and living with a disability. Created by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, ADRCs provide access to a wide range of programs and services for families with aging or disabled loved ones. ADCRC staff can help individuals understand and explore the various long-term care services that are available to them, help them apply for services, programs, and benefits, and access publicly-funded long-term care providers. Individuals living in all counties in the state of Wisconsin have access to a local ADRC.

A primary objective of the ADRC is to match consumers with services that they need. These services may include in-home care, housekeeping, errands, home repairs and modifications, transportation, home-delivered meals, housing, assisted living, financial assistance, legal assistance, mental health treatment, alcohol and drug abuse treatment, respite care, and adaptive equipment. Benefits specialists can help individuals resolve issues related to health care, insurance, and other benefits that they may have difficulty navigating. Staff also can help determine if you are eligible for public or private funding for long-term care, as needed.

ADRC is also an information resource for individuals in need of emergency services, such as those who are at risk of abuse or neglect, losing housing, or going without necessary utilities such as heat, electricity, or water. The organization has the connections and resources in order to avoid what could ultimately be a dangerous situation for an older Wisconsin resident.

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