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Are Bigger and Heavier Vehicles Really Safer?

In a motor vehicle accident, a larger and heavier SUV is likely to sustain far less damage than a small passenger vehicle. This is a simple matter of physics. The lowest death rate by vehicle type is for very large SUVs, which is 13 deaths per million registered vehicles. On the other hand, the highest death rate is for mini cars, which is 64 deaths per million registered vehicles.

There are other characteristics of larger vehicles, as well, that contribute to a safer ride. For instance, a larger vehicle is not only heavier, but it has a longer, bigger hood, and a larger crash zone, which give the vehicle an advantage in a frontal crash. The ceilings also are higher and the interior roomier, which leaves more room to protect its occupants if the vehicle rolls or is struck from the side. The larger frame of an SUV or similar vehicle also can withstand more impact than the smaller frame of a passenger vehicle, which is more likely to buckle upon impact.

However, larger and heavier vehicles are not immune from some risks that do not exist with smaller vehicles. One problem that larger and heavier vehicles pose is that they are more likely to tip over. Given the fairly substantial rates of rollover crashes, this is a problem that you will be less likely to encounter with a small vehicle. Furthermore, an older larger vehicle is not as safe as a smaller new vehicle, simply due to advancements in safety technology. An older larger vehicle, even if it is heavier and bigger, may not have side airbags, for example, where as a newer smaller vehicle would have side airbags.

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